Jags 2

Jaguars 2 was a progression from Jags 1. As we got more players it became necessary to form a second team. Although the team members have changed since the first “second’ team, they also share the core ethos as Jags 1: score baskets, defend well, win games and have fun.  Players also bench and play in the first team when required and Jaguars 3 players also support Jags 2.

Jags 2 coaches are Chris Hassell And Carl Blackman

Jags2Jags 2 2016

Jags 2 named players are:

Name Number
Carl Blackman 21
Matthew Chafer 6
Chris Hassell 4
James Hazell 16
Luke Holland 11
Jamie Thornton 45
Toby Wells 24

Click here for live league placements.

Fixtures are in!! See the Teams page for information!

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